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The Jungle Book

Excerpt from Design Document


Scene: 35
Location: Council Rock -- Night (continued)
Characters: Mowgli
Shere Khan
Black Brother
Similar to 34, but a different angle, where we can see more of the Council Rock and the sky above it.
Black Brother remains atop the Council Rock. Akela and Shere Khan are still visible below.
Action 1:
--MOWGLI appears suddenly from behind Black Brother (who doesn't notice him), holding his container of coals (what that is was determined in scene 33)
--MOWGLI insists "Leave Akela alone!" (DIALOGUE)
--BLACK BROTHER nearly jumps out of his skin at hearing Mowgli right behind him
--AKELA looks up in surprise
--SHERE KHAN looks up and licks his lips
--BLACK BROTHER faces Mowgli, stating "you have no say" (DIALOGUE)
Eraser/dead tree
Make various things for Mowgli to stick into his pot of coals and light on fire to make the "Red Flower"


--Creates an unlit torch, with cloth tied about its end. Mowgli seizes this and lights it.


--YELLOW transforms a rock into an EAR OF CORN. Mowgli takes this, gives us a skeptical look, then dips it into the fire pot. The end of it lights, but after a moment the kernels start popping and popcorn goes flying! Mowgli throws the cob away and gives us a "thanks for nothing" look, before rooting around behind a rock and coming up with a long stick, which he then lights.


-- Erases the roots and branches of a dead tree, leaving it a slim pole. Mowgli grabs this, sticks one end into his pot, then comes up with a burning "Red Flower."


--CANDLE creates an oversized candle which Mowgli dips into his "pot" and lights it. --DYNAMITE makes a stick of explosives. Mowgli's eyes bug at this. He shakes his head "no way!" and throws the explosive away. He then roots around behind a rock and comes up with a long stick, which he then lights.

--Mowgli roots around behind a rock and comes up with a long stick, which he then lights.

Action 2:
--BLACK BROTHER cowers in fear
--SHERE KHAN looks worried
--MOWGLI holds the Red Flower above his head and glares at Black Brother, saying, "I call you -- dogs!" (DIALOGUE)
--MOWGLI thrusts the Red Flower at Black Brother
--BLACK BROTHER yelps and flees (SFX)
--MOWGLI waves the Red Flower about
--WOLVES IN BACKGROUND begin disappearing

Leave Akela alone!

You have no say here, man-cub!

MOWGLI (angry)
I call you brothers no longer -- but dogs!

Popcorn popping

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