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Old games

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I often receive e-mail asking about the availability of various products to which I contributed, hence this page.

Sadly, the shelf life of most computer and video games -- unless they are mega-hits -- is painfully short. Most vanish from shelves within a year...often less...never to be seen again outside of bargain bins and inventory clearance sales.

Such is the case with those products I have worked on. If they're over a year old, you're not likely to find them.

Clicking on the title of various products will take you to pages about my work on them.

Deep Space Nine: Crossroads of Time
-- Published by Playmates Interactive Entertainment

Availability as of Jan 1997: Occasionally still seen in software stores. Check out the Sega Genesis and SNES carts. If that fails, contact Playmates Interactive Entertainment.

Rules of Engagement 2
-- Published by Impressions

I get more requests for information about this game than any other, sadly, there's not much to tell...
Availability as of Jan 1997: Long gone. I've been told that a few fellows have found it in clearance bins. The best I can suggest is scouring ads in computer magazines and possibly contacting Impressions, which was the game's publisher to see if they have any old inventory in stock.

Peter Pan: A Story Painting Adventure
-- Published by Electronic Arts

Jungle Book: A Story Painting Adventure
-- Published by Electronic Arts

Rules of Engagement
-- Published by Mindcraft

Availability as of Jan 1997: Look in clearance sales, but they are likely gone forever.

In addition to the above, I was involved in the development of the following products:

Breach 2 -- Published by Omnitrend, reissued by Mindcraft
Universe 3 -- Published by Omnitrend
Paladin -- Published by Omnitrend
Breach (Amiga version) -- Published by Omnitrend

Omnitrend left the gaming scene behind after completing Rules of Engagement 2. The company no longer creates, markets, or provides customer support for its old product line.

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