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Maurice Molyneaux's Script Work On...

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Art by Ron Collins.

Title: DRAKAN: Order of the Flame
Position: Associate Producer
Developer: Surreal
Published: Q1 1999 by Psygnosis
Platforms: PC

As associate producer my primary duties on Drakan included tracking milestones and deliverables, which included checking revisions for implemented features, etc. In addition, I offered creative feedback to the developers.

My most significant task was to rewrite the game script in response to feedback the producer, marketing, and management. The script was for the game's "cinematic" sequences, where characters interact and the story is advanced. Working from a previous script, I revised the storyline to add character elements, clarify story progression, and simultaneously bring the total overall dialogue down. Psygnosis SF was closed while Drakan was still in production, and thus my script served as an interim transition towards the final.

Rynn and Arokh

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