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Molyneaux: Game Production Art


Sisko movement sketch
The first thing I drew for the project:
Defining Sisko's range of movement.
I was determined to get a video game character
that would move like a real person!
In the end I got everything but the crawl.

Cardassian Replicator
Revising Background Elements:
Defining revised object construction for the development team.

Wolf 359 storyboard
From my sketchbooks:
The first part of a rough storyboard for an unproduced
Sega-CD version, which would have recreated the opening
scenes of the DS9 pilot episode (and would have shown
players a lot more of the Borg battle than the TV series did).

Runabout sprite
Runabout sprites:
I was unhappy with the detailing on the Runabouts
as drawn by the artists, so produced a revised set of sprites.
For some reason, these were never compiled into the product!

Level layout
Layout for entry area to "Saboteurs" level.
A last-minute addition designed to introduce the play mechanic
of the first game level. The bracketed text is displayed when the player
character reaches certain locations (blue for descriptions, green
for Sisko's dialogue, and red indicates enemies and bomb locations).

Saratoga companel map
An in-game map (Genesis version).
Yes, hardcore "Treknical" fans,
the ship does have one too-many decks.
The developers didn't follow my original blueprint.

Wormhole cartoon
...and the inevitable cartoon...
What can I say?
It was late after a long day.

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