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Design Excerpt
Production Art

Maurice Molyneaux's Design Work On...

    Peter Pan Box

* The "Writer" credit is a misnomer, as the job involved design and art direction. The producer reserved the "Designer" credit for himself.

Peter Pan was the first product in Electonic Arts' "Story Painting" series, which consisted of programs, aimed at early readers, which would tell a story the events of which the player could alter using a series of paint "tools".

Peter spies on Hook

I was hired to redesign the product from the ground-up when a previous designer's work was rejected by Electronic Arts. Instructed to ignore the previous design (with the exception of the player interface), I wrote a new design from scratch including and extensive script that detailed every planned sequence and interaction. I was also involved in design changes of the user interface.

The Paintbox Pals in use

I produced preliminary working designs for all of the characters in the game (over 20 major and minor characters), the designs of many of which are retained in the final product. I also provided the producers with sketches of animated actions and the developers with concept drawings of various backgrounds required for the game.

Tiger Lily about to be kidnapped

Hook gets his treasure

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