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Production Art

Maurice Molyneaux's Design Work On...

Rules box

Axia spin My work on Rules of Engagement was primarily concerned with the following: participation in the overall game design (the final game synthesizes elements of Thomas R. Carbone's concept with ideas I had developed for an unproduced space-combat game); creation of an interface system which would mimick multi-mode touchscreens (simulating the controls of starships rather than displaying pretty but pointless pictures of control rooms and viewscreens).


Axia spin I created and edited game missions and mission elements, and wrote the bulk of the game's documentation. After a mixup at the publisher which resulted in no one having produced a cover design for the product manual, I actually created a design from scratch in 30 minutes flat.

Rules of Engagement, Omnitrend, Rules of Engagement, Omnitrend, Rules of Engagement

Newsweek's nod to Rules of Engagement

Newsweek cover



(And, no, the manual really isn't that big!)

Newsweek, December 9, 1991 issue, page 8.

Kudos from a surprising source...
and who could complain about being
ranked alongside Civilization!

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