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Design Excerpt

Maurice Molyneaux's Design Work On...

Rules 2 box

Work on this successor to Rules of Engagement was broad in every sense, and included participation in the concept and overall design. FW & Alien Ship My primary focus was on creating the "look-and-feel" of a new multi-mode user-configurable interface system and in designing and establishing operational parameters for the "builder" panels which allowed players to construct their own missions.

Rules 2 was my last product as art director before moving fully into a more designer/producer role. I created virtually every pixel of graphics in the product, from the game panels to the animated linking sequences (including ray-traced 3D spacecraft).

Quad Panels

Additionally, I served as "story editor" to the game's plot lines and details (important since this game continues a story advanced through six previous products).

Axia Newsfax
Axia Newsfax from 7 November, 2376
Rules of Engagement 2, Omnitrend, Rules of Engagement 2, Omnitrend

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