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Molyneaux: Production Art


Control bar sketches CCSI2 sketches
From my sketchbooks:

Designing the CCSI2 user interface.

Recruiter sketch
"Recruiter" screen pencil sketch.
(In which the subject proves that people
will sit badly even in ergonomic chairs.)

Alien/Opponent parts
Body elements for alien/opponent construction.

Amongst the in-jokes: heads of Opus the Penguin,
Bill the Cat, and me (9 across, 5 down), as well as
all the parts to make the Lost in Space Robot!

Xirae sketches
A Xirae:
Concept sketches and final rendering (magnified).

FWS ships
3-D Models of Federated Worlds starships.

Easter Egg Aliens
"Easter Egg" aliens screen.
Includes familiar and not-so-familiar homages...
amongst them a Childhood's End "Overlord",
and the programmer's dog!

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All artwork Copyright 1993 Omnitrend.
All rights reserved.
Used with permission.