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Molyneaux: Production Art

The Game Logo
(As it seems every "space" game has titles on black,
I thought it would be fun to tweak this by making words
white-on-white with only the letter shadows visible.)

CCSI concept sketch
Earliest concept sketches for the CCSI interface.
(Illustrating how my first take on the interface
predicted what we ended up using in Rules 2:
a screen divided into quadrants.)

ROE manual cover
The manual cover...
(conceived and designed in 30 minutes flat).

UDP transport
From my sketchbooks:
The UDP Transport starship is born.

Video mode comparisions
16 color EGA/VGA version v. CGA version.
The product had to support both modes, which
ultimately dictated the simplicity of its interface design.

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All artwork Copyright 1990 Omnitrend.
All rights reserved.
Used with permission.