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Women Need Martians


Most of the costuming in the film will be 1957-58 era clothing, hopefully obtained from thrift stores. In other cases, recreations may be required. This simplicity will evaporate upon the story's moving to Mars, however, where original costuming will be required.

Bring on the silver lamé!

A general list of costumes required are:


Earl will wear common coveralls. Dyes will be used to "dirty" them to make them so "soiled they resemble nothing so much as military camoflage". The only signficant details will be the embroidered patch with his name, and the Texas-T logo printed in the right breast and back (the latter will probably be a iron-on made with transfer paper from a computer printout).

Martian Hunks

Martian Concept  

Some method of giving the Martin Hunks uniform hair is required. In the absence of the availablity of Devo-like plastic hair caps (which would be ideal), we may consider sewing vinyl caps to accomplish the same effect. As no more than 4 martians are anticipated to appear in a given scene, and only two of the girls are anticipated to develop the Hunk-Hair, we're looking at approximately 6 such caps.
Martian Concept  

The martian hunks will wear what appears to be stock hollywood costumes, Biblical Epic or roman type outfits made of silver lamé or some other equally unlikely substance.
Martian shield  

How Martian Guards carry their shields.

Zha Zha, the Queen of Outer Space

Pump & Earl  

This idea of an art-deco headdress/crown was inspired by headdresses seen in the Soviet silent S.F. film Aelita. The actual design is an original concept.

Zha Zha will also require something suitably 50's B-movie sci-fi as an outfit, as well as a huge billowy cape for his entrance.

Martian Monster

The martian monster seen in the saucer hangar will wear a metallic clone of Earl's coveralls. Signficant details will be a "neon" name patch (made with LightWire), and martian symbols on the right breast and back.

Martian Mechanic The right breast and back symbol for the martian monster coveralls, aping the Texas-T logos on Earl's coveralls.

Women Need Martians