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Women Need Martians


Although Women Need Martians was written to, where possible, use existing objects and locations, naturally, there are a number of props and objects that are going to have to be built. Chief amongst these will be a 1950's style gas pump, as existing gas stations don't have pumps of the correct type.

Other props will include Martian paraphenalia, Alice's "alien" getup, Bobbie Jo's Martian oven, etc.

A Frosty One for Alice

Jet Beer

Believe it or not, this "can" of Jet Near Beer (a low calorie beverage from the 50s) is no such thing, but a manufactured prop!

It was created by drawing the logo in a paint program and then printing it onto special inkjet ready metallic foil paper using an Epson Photo 700 printer. The resulting "can" is wrapped around an ordinary soda can for solidity, and Alice is ready to chug!

Earl's Texas-T Service Station

Texas T logo

Logo concept for the gas station chain. (Yes, the name comes from the theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies.) This logo will also be used on a miniature sign and possibly on Earl's coveralls.
Gas Pump style

A MobilGas pump as featured in the film Bad Day at Black Rock. The moment I saw this battered gas-dispensing sentinel on my TV I slammed a tape in the VCR to capture it.

That particular image has been retouched to feature the Texas-T logo in place of the original MobilGas one.


Although the film will be shot in black and white, we may end up using the pump in other films, so there's a question what color it should be. Strawberry? Lemon? Lime? BooBerry? Grape?
Pump & Earl

Pump prop scale.
Pump prop construction

Construction details for a prop pump. The design is meant to be very very lightweight, allowing the prop to be easily moved and stored.

Martian Props

Martian spear & shield Martian shields and weapons. Small arrow-like short spear which fits into shield to make a Mars symbol. Once removed spear can be telescoped to larger weapon (perhaps spring-loaded sleeved copper tubing).

When not in use, the shields are worn on the back.

Women Need Martians