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Women Need Martians

Do Earthmen Suffer from...

The Venus Envy Story

It's the early 1960's.

It's been a few years since the girls made their summer trip to Mars, and things just aren't the same.

The girls have moved on with their lives. Shirley's become a Washington insider, Bobbie Jo got married and settled down, and Alice is a flying saucer test pilot -- although the other girls haven't heard from her in a while...

While each of the girls is going through a crisis of her own, they are each drawn back into interplanetary intrigue. Following Russian overtures to the RED planet, the United States sends a top secret diplomatic mission to Venus. However, things go awry, and the U.S. prepares to go to war with the female planet. But something's not quite kosher with the U.S. explanation. Something funny's been going on with the flying saucer at Area 69. The scientists still can't get frisbees to fly, and Bobbie Jo doesn't talk about Daddy any more!

Sequel Mania!

Okay, so it's probably a bit early to be planning sequels. However, during the first week of February 1999 I was working on the 2nd draft of Women Need Martians and suddenly I had this fragment of a thought concerning a sequel, so I decided to type it at the end of the script. As I did, I got another idea. Then another. Every time I committed one idea to paper, a new one would appear. I quickly had a half-page and half of bullet points. The next day, I filled two pages of my spiral notebook with more bullet points. This thing seemed to have a mind of its own!

There's not much to say about it so far, as it's still just a bunch of disjointed ideas.


Please note that the following are simply ideas. Many are mutually contradictory or repeat various elements.

Women Need Martians