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Maurice Molyneaux's Design Work On...

My primary tasks on this title were to work out the various puzzles and character interactions in the game settings, as well as to flesh out the story. The environments had been laid out prior to my arrival on the project, but they were mostly maps lacking sufficient interactive elements. I worked with the developers to flesh out the gameplay throughout, determining placement of helpful and harmful creatures, hints, and puzzles.

Ever the scriptwriter, I also reworked the game story and wrote the dialogs and narration.

Personal Reflections

Story credit

The game credits science fiction author David Brin for the story, but what Brin provided was a very sketchy outline of a plot that, frankly, reminded me too much of the film Star Trek: First Contact. Brin's work was merely a plotline, onto which I had to graft meat for the story. For example, the outline specified three different dolphin tribes for one game level, but there was no detail on what those tribes would be. Working from the game environment, character designs and puzzles I developed the entire backstory for the three tribes, their behaviors, rituals and dialogs. I did this kind of thing throughout the product.

Memorable Things...

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