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Women Need Martians


Although Women Need Martians was written to, where possible, use existing objects and locations, naturally, there are a number of props and objects that are going to have to be built. Cheif amongst these will be a 1950's style gas pump, as existing gas stations don't have pumps of the correct style.

Other props will include Martian paraphenalia, Alice's "alien" getup, Bobbie Jo's Martian oven, etc.

Earl's Texas-T Service Station

Texas T logo

Logo concept for the gas station chain. (Yes, the name comes from the theme song to The Beverly Hillbillies.) This logo will also be used on a miniature sign and possibly on Earl's coveralls.
Gas Pump style

A MobilGas pump as featured in the film Bad Day at Black Rock. The moment I saw this battered gas-dispensing sentinel on my TV I slammed a tape in the VCR to capture it.

That particular image has been retouched to feature the Texas-T logo in place of the original MobilGas one.


Although the film will be shot in black and white, we may end up using the pump in other films, so there's a question what color it should be. Strawberry? Lemon? Lime? BooBerry? Grape?
Pump & Earl

Pump prop scale.
Pump prop construction

Construction details for a prop pump. The design is meant to be very very lightweight, allowing the prop to be easily moved and stored.

Martian Props

Martian spear & shield Martian shields and weapons. The small arrow-like short spear which fits into the shield to make a Mars symbol. Once removed spear can be telescoped to larger weapon (perhaps spring-loaded sleeved copper tubing).

When not in use, the shields are worn on the back.

Women Need Martians